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    07/09/2018 - new single Greg Siokos Aggressive

    NEW TRACK!!!!
    Greg Siokos Aggressive (original mix)

    RELEASE DATE 2018-09-14
    LABEL Vudeux Records
    Various Artists - Vudeux Undergound Vol.1 / Multi-Genre / Vudeux Records

    03/08/2018 - New Singe Greg Siokos Playtime (original mix)
    Greg Siokos Returns To Empire Studio Records with latest single ‘Playtime’
    Greg Siokos returns to scene with to bring fans ‘Playtime’ signed by Empire Studio Records.His musical suitcase is packed full of real-life experiences that will stay with him forever. ‘Playtime’ drops on Beatport on 6th Jul, and officially on all platforms on 3rd August 2018.
    Artist : Greg Siokos
    Title : Playtime (Single)
    Catalog No: EMPSR065
    Label: Empire Studio Records
    06/06/2017 - Sigma Events - Greg Siokos -Sidewalk

    07/09/2018 - New track Greg Siokos Aggressive
    NEW TRACK!!!!
    27/10/2017 - Greg Siokos Memories Ep Empire Studio Record


    Greg Siokos Prepare For Another Smash Hit With ...

    27/02/2017 - KP RECORDINGS NOW 5 YEARS:various artists.Greg Siokos Life (vocal mix)
    KP RECORDINGS NOW 5 YEARS:various artists.


    Greg Siokos ...

    13/02/2017 - Greg Siokos
    Greg Siokos "Traveling to Greece"

    RELEASE DATE 2017-02...

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